About Us

Ultimate Bodytec is a fitness studio that specialises in improving peoples mobility, movement, decreasing their pain, optimising their weight and creating stronger lean muscle. All this is achieve with the help of Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS), and is carried out effectively in 20 minute sessions.

As stated above EMS stands for electronic muscle stimulation. EMS helps you exercise more efficiently by stimulating movement in the muscle, opening neurological pathways and activating muscles in your body that are not firing to full capacity.

To do this we place a EMS vest and pads directly on the belly of the muscles, we then and guide the client through an effective series of movements or a workout.

The brain is an extremely adaptive responsive unit and recognises these daily repetitive patterns. For example if we sit all day and are inactive, the brain will help us to evolve in to the optimal “Sitter” i.e. supportive postural muscles become weaker, shoulders turn in. The body essentially looks like it is slowly imploding.

The longer this evolution continues, the more the brain will allow development of the body into a “C” shape, slowing the neuro logical pathways to these now inactive unused muscle groups and breaking the neuro kinetic chain. This means that even when we go to a traditional exercise class or go for a run, the body is not moving properly, or those muscles are not firing, not activating properly and not burning the calories they should be.

Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) helps open up these neurological pathways. Simply put it allows the body to reengage the natural muscle activation by running electricity and creating contractions. This awakens the neuro kinetic chain.