Our fitness guru, Rob Tynan, breaks down EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation).

Fitness Apps and Fitness Cheats are en vogue.

With easy access to fitness tips on social media platforms (like Instagram) people follow their celeb heroes and mimic their workouts.

There are pros and cons to this (mainly cons!).

The big issue is that due to all of us having different body shapes, it is difficult to follow the routine of another and expect the same results.


There are some good fitness apps out there with strong visuals displaying the exercises modelling good form.


However, once again it can be really difficult for a person to develop good technique in every exercise without the assistance of an expert and the bummer is its much easier to learn bad techniques than it is to learn correct techniques.

Genuinely fast fitness is on the rise; with the average person having less and less ‘me time’ the idea of a fast cheat i.e. training for less time and achieving the same results appeals to the majority.

The best ‘cheat’ (cheat in time but still hard work) that is also a rising trend is Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) or Body Tec!


The real life science behind this trend lies in what the experts say “If you move better, with all your muscles activating ata greater level, you will naturally find your leaner stronger self”.


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