Coming Soon Cryotherapy with UltimateCryotec

The short-term cooling down to -110 °C favours a large number of positive reactions in the body. The pain patient benefits primarily from the anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the cold interrupts the pain receptors, so that even after the first application an improved mobility occurs.

The body mobilises defences, the release of endorphins to promote healing, well-being and quality of life. In some cases, the medication can be reduced.

  1. Increases blood circulation to the face and body:
    • Decreases fine lines
    • Decreases pore size
    • Dramatically improving youthful complexion
    • Increasing skin elasticity and collagen production
  2. Increase metabolic rate and lose excess fat
  3. Increases performance and motivation
  4. Accelerates and improves regeneration
  5. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory


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